Fashion: Accessories and Jewellery for winter

The most important piece of clothing is likely to be in this and last winter the coat or jacket. Here you should definitely look into that one is well equipped. However, that alone is not enough if you do not want to miss walks or go to work in the cold season (although I cannot blame you latter). What you definitely need are still parts of the accessories division of women’s fashion in particular gloves, scarf and a hat to be prepared.

The gloves – take your time when searching

The gloves come here once the most important function, because many people have the problem, when your hands are cold, the rest of the body is cold. Therefore, special attention must be paid on it here. Therefore, one must look carefully at leather gloves. If they are not fed, they are actually just an optical accessory, but no warming.

Especially since you cannot throw as many snowballs, because the water is bad for leather are better because woollen gloves, which again provides a too coarse knitting surface for wind and weather. To demonstrate how difficult it is sensible gloves to find, I wear this winter in the third year of the fourth pair. So take your time when searching.

With Scarf and Hat, there are no special tips, maybe the one that should be taken with a cap that this also covers the ears. Here, wind and cold that is otherwise also offers a very nasty attack surface that you want to prefer to keep warm. In the scarves is important to note that you wear it in the shop a few minutes. To notice if the material does not scratch. Otherwise, it can be a very unpleasant winter or you will have again buy a scarf.

Jewellery – Attach decorations on mobile

Some models have a body eyelet on the chains and pendant can be easily attached. If this loop, you need a connection kit or a glued eye. This fix it according to the instructions on the unit and keep the accessories.